The Zoneguard is ideal for urban settings and is highly visible from the front and back. Its extra reflective surface is sure to attract the attention of drivers and positively influencing their behaviour. With many decals available for multiple functions the Zoneguard is a very valuable tool for traffic calming practices.


Critical zone awareness

Keep road traffic in line with the high performance Deflex designed for optimum road delineation and channelizing.

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  • Excellent traffic
    calming tool

  • Anti-Graffiti
    protector film

  • Minimizes damage to vehicle upon impact

How to install

  • Use drop of epoxy,
    shield and bolt

  • Insert the adapter
    into the sleeve



Installation kits & products

The Deflex can be installed in many different ground types. It can be deployed for temporary or permanent use. To better understand which installation kit you require explore our easy installation guide including tutorials and videos.


mobile use

16lb (7kg) stablilizer made of recycled rubber with an ergonomic handle.

Permanent in concrete

Zinc plated screws.

permanent in ground

M10 threaded shield for asphalt or concrete. Comes with three threaded caps to protect holes during downtime.


  • Height
    48” | 1200mm

    The distance between a truck driver’s eyes and his headlights requires a high visual marker. At a height of 48’’ - 1200mm, the Deflex provides maximum safety with proper visibility for all types of vehicules. With the Deflex, road markings are vertically extended improving road channelizing efficiency, especially in congested traffic.

  • 4 x 3” | 76mm Embedded flexible & reflective stripes

    The embedded reflective stripes provide a longer life and improve safety expectancy upon multiple impacts.
    This High level of reflectivity (ASTM Type IV) and its diameter of 3.25’’ (83 mm) increases visibility at night.

  • Flexible polymer

    Withstands more than 200 impacts.
    Minimizes damage to vehicle and safe for cyclists in case of impact.

  • 360° Delineator

    Visible and flexible from all angles.
    No orientation required upon installation.

  • UV protected and solid color

    A protective additive incorporated in the polymer prevents color from fast fading.

  • Authority standard

    NCHRP-350 compliant.
    Conforms to the majority of government standards

  • Monohull (one piece)

    No mechanical parts means easy maintenance.
    Less components on the roads if damaged.

  • Easy transportation & handling

    100 units per pallet 44’’ x 50’’ x 77’’
    ( 1118 x 1270 x 1956mm ).
    100 units and 100 base weight in a
    8’ standard pick-up truck.

  • Many colors available

    Provides the ability to match a color code as a message to road
    users. ( Yellow and white for roadmarking, Green for bicycle paths,
    orange for roadwork, …)

  • Best value available on the market

    In addition its decorative and attractive shape, the DEFLEX provides long life expectancy plus low maintenance features.

  • Versatile installation

    Can be installed permanently (bolted-in or glued), moved with a 16 lb weight base or carvelle anchoring system for an easy-in, easy-out installation.